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A Committee of nine, including a representative of the Kirk Session, meets when necessary throughout the year. Fund raising events are planned and the funding of repairs agreed.  Projects are either initiated by the Kirk Session which requests funding from the 'Friends' or by committee members. The Committee is mindful of the constitution and endeavours to adhere to it at all times.





1. Name:                    The Society shall be known as “The Friends of Cults Kirk”, hereinafter referred to as “the Friends”.


2. Objects:                  The objects of the Friends shall be the preservation and maintenance of the fabric, fittings, furnishings and equipment (including memorials and windows) of that part of Cults Kirk and Vestry to which the titles are vested in the Church of Scotland General Trustees.

The Friends shall make grants from time to time for such purposes. In furtherance of the said objects, the Friends shall endeavour to stimulate interest in the history, unique heritage (with particular reference to the Wilkie family) and architecture of the Kirk by research, publicity and related activities.

The above objects shall always be subject to the powers of the General Trustees of the Church of Scotland and to the approval of the Kirk Session.


3. Membership         Membership shall be open to all interested in the objects of the Friends as declared in Article 2 above on payment of an appropriate subscription. The initial rate shall be:


Individual Membership Annual fee           £20.00

Family Membership Annual fee                £35.00


4. Committee           The Friends shall be regulated by a Council consisting of Patron (s),

Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer all appointed at a duly constituted General Meeting of the members of the Friends together with:

One elder of Cults Kirk appointed by the Kirk Session

                                    Two members appointed by Cults Congregation

                                    Three members appointed by the Society in manner as aforesaid

One third of the Committee members shall retire annually, but may be re-appointed. A General Meeting shall be convened annually.


5. Powers of the Committee

The Committee shall have the power to refuse an application for membership of Friends of Cults Kirk.


The Committee shall receive such sums as may be entrusted to them and shall be at liberty to spend these for any of the objects outlined in Article 2 above.


The Committee shall be at liberty to appoint an Executive Committee and other Committees from their own number, with or without additional members from outwith the Committee, for such purposes as the Committee shall determine.


The Committee must meet at least twice a year.



6. Limitations of Powers

All rights under law and usage of the Church of Scotland are expressly reserved as they affect the Minister, Kirk Session, Presbytery and the Church of Scotland General Trustees in whom the subjects are vested.


ALL expenditure greater than £15,000, or such figure determined by Presbytery, shall require its approval.


7. Finance                 The Friends and their agents shall have power to raise funds for the said objects by making public or private and national or local appeals, or by such other methods as from, time-to-time they may deem appropriate.


An appropriate bank account or accounts shall be opened in the name of Friends of Cults Kirk.


All cheques shall require the signatures of Treasurer and Chairman.


Properly kept accounts, duly audited, shall be submitted annually for approval of the membership, and a copy shall be sent to the Kirk Session.


8. Change in Constitution

No changes in this Constitution shall be made except at a General Meeting. The exact terms of the change proposed shall be intimated to the Secretary in writing at least fourteen days prior to the General Meeting and thereafter circulated to the members with the notice calling the Meeting at which such change is to be proposed. No change shall be made unless it receives the support of at least two - thirds of the members present and is approved by the Kirk Session.


9. Winding-Up         In the event of the Friends being wound up, no part of the assets shall be distributed amongst members of the Friends. The free balance shall be paid to the Kirk Session governing Cults Kirk for Endowment purposes, the income therefrom to be administered by them for any of the objects specified in Article 2 of this Constitution as the Friends whom failing, the Kirk Session, shall determine.

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