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“…the reader will come away with a sense of history, not a mere chronology of ministers”.

Rev Dr Eric McKimmon

“It’s a pretty concise volume of history, both social and ecclesiastical”

Scots Magazine

This book contains 333 pages and 250 illustrations, mostly in colour.  Cost £25.00 + £4.00 Post and Packing in UK.

Enquiries to Angus Shaw at shawangus3@gmail.com


History is what we all experience day by day.  It shapes our lives; gives us causes to fight and die for.  It limits or expands our horizons and gives us a context in which we experience all the joys and miseries of life.

Here we have the story of Scotland’s history covering one thousand years as experienced by the people of one small part of the country.  There were those caught up in the politics and religion of their time causing them to become traitors to the crown and murderers of clergymen.  There is the all too human experience of the clergyman who was accused of a terrible crime but, because of the times was never brought to trial.  There were those who lived in poverty, working long hours as weavers and farmers.  Some experienced the danger of the mines while others were privileged and enjoyed all that power and wealth has to offer.

Here social, political and ecclesiastical history is interwoven in such a way that a fascinating story emerges that covers the generations who have lived in the Howe of Fife over the past 1,000 years.

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