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128-6 x 9 Inch Pages

54 black and white photographs

Paperback Edition

This new book by Angus H Shaw, published in time for the centenary of the armistice of 11th November 1918, is a memorial to all who experienced the tragedy of World War One.  Within its pages we discover the mistrust in the seats of governments across Europe that resulted in the greatest slaughter of humanity the world had ever seen.  Life for those who stayed at home and the reasons why so many young men voluntarily joined up to serve King and country is revealed.  The bravery of individual men and women is remembered, including Elsie Inglis and David Finlay, Fife’s first V.C.  Letters and a diary from The Front bring us closer to the experiences of the ordinary British, American and German soldier.  There is no attempt here to fly the flag of nationalism because the horror, pain and suffering was shared by everyone who was involved.  Recognition is given to the contribution of peoples from across the globe including the often-forgotten Chinese who left their homeland to help the war effort in Europe.  Finally, what the treaty of Versailles achieved and what it failed to achieve brings this account to a close.

Anyone wishing to have an overview of the Great War and its legacy will find this book informative.  With 126 pages including Bibliography and Index it is very accessible for readers of all ages.  Profits go to Poppy Scotland.

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